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When you wake in the morning, is it coffee or a run first? 

Which light switches on first? 

Is dinner outside by the fireplace or around the kitchen island?  

When it comes to hiring an architect to build a custom home in Tulsa, OK or elsewhere, answers to detail-oriented questions like these often dictate the spectacular architecture and design features that make custom homes extraordinary. Whether you’re searching for an architect to build a custom modern ranch farmhouse home or need a luxury custom home builder in Tulsa, hiring an architect plays an essential role in success, no matter what type of custom home you wish to build.    

Your new home dreams and the custom home architect 

A place to kick back your way. A space to cook for how you want to eat. A place to come together with family and friends in a space that speaks to you. Only you can appreciate your custom home for what it is. Well, that is, you and one other person — the custom home architect. 

You may already know how design features of a custom home provide a special sense of intimacy. That they create a unique sense of belonging. And that they have the power to elevate your everyday quality of life. It is only the careful ear, expert eye and delicate hand of an experienced custom home architect that can create these effects. As an architecture firm for custom homes in Tulsa, custom homes in Oklahoma City or custom homes in Northwest Arkansas, we believe a custom home is more than just a dream home — it’s a dream lifestyle. 

If you believe you’re a great candidate for custom homeownership and hiring a custom home builder in Tulsa, OK, this is what you must consider before you start.

First step: What is essential to you?

Maybe you’ve already checked out custom home designs online. In an era of social media noise and DIY eye candy, it’s easy to be lured into what looks cool today. Paint colors, hardware finishes, and entertainment systems will constantly change. But, as a custom architect, we want to know what is essential to you. When you enter your space in 10 years, you should still feel it compliment the essential aspects of your life.

A custom home is built especially for you, and a custom home architect works directly for you. That’s what creates the beauty of a custom home. It’s what makes a custom home building process so special. Whether it’s managing complex issues, providing site analysis or offering valuable knowledge, a custom home architect brings to the table a panoply of highly specialized skills — and these skills bring custom home dreams to life. In the following sections, we’ll take a look at the myriad of reasons to hire an architect to build a custom home and explain in detail the many benefits. 

A custom home architect provides specialized skills and knowledge

When you partner with a custom home architect, you gain access to a trove of knowledge and expertise. That’s because a custom home architect has special knowledge, experience and training — as well as the natural, heart-felt desire to design your home. A custom home architect understands practicality, aesthetics and economy. A custom home architect understands function, life and safety. And a custom home architect understands complex regulatory requirements, site constraints, public and private site exposure, style, along with a host of other issues. The result is the creation of a special home — a space made specifically for you. 

A custom home architect’s knowledge continues with designing a residence, analyzing building setbacks, knowledge of code requirements, understanding cost implications, low-maintenance features, dealing with contractors, and other design requirements and construction complexities that can be overwhelming to most laypeople who are not heavily experienced with construction.

A custom home architect works for you, the owner

A custom home architect is your guide. And that’s exactly what you get when you hire an architect to build your custom home: a qualified expert to take the complex and make it simple. 

Designing and building a custom home is a multifaceted process. That’s why your custom home architect is also your advocate with one mission: to deliver the perfect home envisioned in your mind’s eye. When you choose to build a home with a custom home architect, you have an expert guiding you through every step and phase of the process. 

A custom home architect provides valuable site analysis insight

The value of a custom home architect continues with expertise when it comes to properly matching homeowner needs with a building site. Whether it’s knowledge about the optimal positioning of your home on the site or simply identifying ways to save, an architect is there to accomplish your objections. When it comes to site and analysis, the reality is your foundations can cost a pretty penny if your residence is not located properly and economically. 

A custom home architect resolves site complications and manages complex issues

When it comes to building your custom home, the road to success is fraught with peril and potential for complications. That’s because the land for your custom home may have certain constraints that require special design skills from a qualified individual — the custom home architect —to deliver a special solution. A custom home architect can save homeowners a world of trouble when it comes to site complications. Whether it’s interpreting building codes, navigating building setbacks or dealing with builders bidding, a custom home architect is there to guide you through and manage complicated technical matter. 

A custom home architect facilitates construction administration services

When it comes to building your custom home, there’s a whole world of administrative tasks that must be accomplished. That’s where your custom home architect can provide you with administrative services during construction. From pointing out discrepancies in the construction versus the Construction Documents, to working as a member of the construction problem solving team, this is another area where a custom home architect is central to success. 

A custom home architect’s responsibilities continue with additional administration services. For example, a custom home architect can compare contractor pay requests with completed work. That will ensure that you get what you pay for. This is especially important if you are far from your jobsite or simply want to understand the construction process and what to look for. Your custom home architect can also help you obtain warranty services after you occupy your new custom home. Construction services alone can cost more than your architect’s fee. That’s why custom home architects provide unprecedented oversight and value when it comes to building a custom home. 

A custom home architect provides important design expertise

It’s fun to play designer. And when you do, it’s easy to see why good design requires someone with experience. To you, arrangements and home configurations seem impossible. To an architect, complex three dimensional design, functional knowledge and deep technical knowledge are second nature. It is these areas of expertise that come together to solve the toughest problems with custom homes. That’s because an architect understands context and the big picture. That’s why no one is better qualified to guide you through the custom home process with confidence. 

A custom home architect guides you every step of the way

When you work with an experienced custom home architect, you tap into a wealth of knowledge. A good custom home architect brings to the table dozens, possibly hundreds of experiences when it comes to custom homes. He knows what to do to keep your project moving forward in a positive manner.  With all the money and hundreds, possibly thousands of decisions to be made in the custom home process, you can’t afford to choose a home that fails to reinforce and reference your own design objectives. And that’s where a custom home architect saves the day — by providing the expertise and guidance you need to make that custom home dream in your mind’s eye a reality.